OMG! The Mysterious Power of Quartz Crystals Sweeps Across Europe and America

Who hasn't seen the Beckham documentary on Netflix yet? While the controversy over Posh Spice's Rolls-Royce has been a hot topic, her advocacy of "crystal healing" has also sparked widespread debate. Does her ritual of cleansing and purifying her crystals under the full moon each month genuinely bring her spiritual healing, or is it just a placebo effect?

We originally thought that the crystal craze that swept through Hollywood six years ago had faded. Surprisingly, this trend has not only persisted but has intensified. In the latest Beckham documentary, Posh Spice showcases her favorite crystal collection to global audiences, with a dominant piece being a clear quartz cluster. This stone is said to have a powerful energy frequency, creating harmony among different energies, guiding self-energy, and helping eliminate surrounding noise and distractions.

Celebrities Embrace Quartz Crystals

Renowned singer Lizzo openly admits that she considers crystals to be nonsense, yet she still touches them daily. Posh Spice also mentions that "during the full moon, I give my crystals a thorough cleaning, akin to resetting a phone, to periodically cleanse and purify all accumulated energies." British spiritual therapist Emma Lucy Knowles agrees with this practice, likening the full moon purification of crystals to regular facial cleansing, emphasizing that each facet of the crystal, like facial pores, needs concentrated cleaning to remove all impurities.

Hollywood star Channing Tatum's wife, Jenna Dewan, is another avid supporter of crystal healing, possibly valuing crystals even more than her husband. Posh Spice explains that crystals' most crucial benefit is bringing positive energy into one's life. Her first crystal was obsidian, and through friends and books, she deepened her knowledge and understanding, becoming somewhat of an expert who now provides professional advice and combinations for her friends. Notably, besides placing clear quartz clusters in her home, she even uses crystals to infuse water, believing it enhances her concentration.

The Crystal Craze Amongst Other Celebrities

Other notable crystal enthusiasts include Miranda Kerr, Kim Kardashian, and former British royals Harry and Meghan. Miranda Kerr, in particular, is a crystal fanatic. Her Malibu home features a large meditation area filled with clear quartz and rose quartz. Her skincare brand, Kora Organics, strictly uses water filtered through rose quartz for its formulations. Historical records show that crystals were believed to transmit positive energy, enhance the spirit, and relieve stress as far back as Ancient Egypt and Greek-Roman times. But why has the trend resurged after its peak six years ago?

The Popularity of Quartz Crystals

During an online interview, former royals Harry and Meghan inadvertently showcased their crystal display in the background, drawing significant attention. Despite various celebrities' endorsements, it's crucial to remember that for mental, psychological, and skin treatments, there is currently no strong scientific evidence proving crystals' efficacy! The continued popularity of crystals can be partially understood through an interview with Amanda, founder of the famous Los Angeles cold-pressed juice brand Moon Juice. Amanda claims that suffering from anxiety, she found solace in clear quartz, which provided her with an energy boost. This habit, difficult to explain scientifically, seemingly helped her overcome longstanding troubles. Especially after the global three-year pandemic, when our lives and desires reach a point of having everything yet feeling unhappy, intuition often guides us towards "spiritual supplements" like crystals, yoga, singing bowls, and meditation.

The fascination with quartz crystals, especially among celebrities, has reignited a trend that blends ancient beliefs with modern-day spirituality. While the scientific community remains skeptical, the personal testimonies and rituals of high-profile figures continue to fuel this phenomenon. Whether you are a believer in their mystical powers or a curious observer, the quartz crystal craze offers an intriguing glimpse into the human quest for well-being and balance.

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