Quartz Crystal Wearing: Essential Guidelines and Cautions for Energetic Balance

Crystal Wearing Guidelines

Principles of Wearing Crystals
Crystals can be worn on the left or right hand, depending on their energy type. Absorptive crystals should be worn on the left hand, while projective crystals go on the right. Absorptive crystals gather energy, while projective crystals release energy, attracting beneficial magnetic fields. Crystals should be placed on a cluster to release negative energy and cleaned regularly.

Crystal Wearing: Essential Guidelines and Cautions for Energetic Balance


Absorptive Crystals/Colored Gemstones (left hand)
1. Chalcedony: Absorbs energy and brings calm.
2. Fluorite: Balances emotions and absorbs negativity.
3. Moonstone: Enhances intuition and calms the mind.
4. Peridot: Harmonizes and stabilizes energy.
5. Rose Quartz: Promotes love and emotional healing.
6. Iolite: Balances energy and enhances clarity.
7. Aquamarine: Calms emotions and balances energy.
8. Sugilite: Protects against negative energy.
9. Blue Lace Agate: Soothes and balances emotions.
10. Lapis Lazuli: Enhances awareness and communication.
11. Malachite: Absorbs negative energy and brings harmony.
12. Green Phantom: Balances emotions and encourages growth.
13. Citrine: Enhances prosperity and balances energy.
Crystal Wearing: Essential Guidelines and Cautions for Energetic Balance

Projective Crystals/Colored Gemstones (right hand)
1. Amber: Releases energy and encourages positivity.
2. Ametrine: Balances energies and brings clarity.
3. Crystal Quartz: Amplifies energy and clears negativity.
4. Garnet: Releases energy and promotes vitality.
5. Tiger's Eye: Releases confidence and protects.
6. Tourmaline: Enhances energy flow and balances emotions.
7. Rhodochrosite: Releases love and compassion.
8. Agate (Copco): Provides stability and releases calming energy.
9. Aventurine: Attracts positive energy and encourages opportunity.
10. Onyx: Protects against negativity and stabilizes.
11. Topaz: Attracts prosperity and releases balanced energy.
12. Smoky Quartz: Releases grounding energy and protects against negativity.

FAQs on Wearing Crystals

1. Which hand should I wear my crystal on?
Our bodies generally respond to magnetic fields with the left side absorbing (yin) and the right side emitting (yang). Absorptive crystals like chalcedony and moonstone are recommended for the left hand. Crystals like clear quartz and smoky quartz, which help release negative energy, are suited for the right hand.

2. Can I wear crystals during my period?
There's generally no taboo against wearing crystals, except when wearing a crystal Buddha image. In such cases, avoid intimacy with a partner.

3. Can I wear crystals while bathing or swimming?
It's possible, but not recommended. Bathing doesn't affect the crystal chemically, but there's a risk of breaking it due to physical movements.

4. Why is it necessary to cleanse crystals regularly?
Firstly, crystals absorb negative energy from the body, and regular cleansing is needed to restore them. Secondly, dirt can accumulate on the surface over time. Thirdly, cleansing has a psychological effect, helping users believe in the crystal's power.

5. Can I wear multiple crystals together?
Yes, but ensure they complement each other energetically. For instance, garnet, rose quartz, and yellow quartz work well together. Avoid combining too many different crystals that might create conflicting energies.

6. Can I sleep with my crystal on?
It's not recommended. Crystals that absorb negative energy need time to recover. Additionally, their energy can interact with the nervous system during sleep, causing unwanted reactions.

7. Can others touch or try on my crystals?
Ideally, avoid letting others handle your crystals. They can absorb energy, both positive and negative, from those who touch them.

8. When shouldn't I wear crystals?
Avoid wearing them in places with high negative energy, such as hospitals and cemeteries. Crystals can absorb these energies and might need cleansing afterward.

9. Can I cleanse my crystal by sunbathing it?
This isn't recommended, as some crystals can fade in color under strong sunlight, weakening their energy.

10. Do crystals really have an effect?
Yes, even as early as the Han Dynasty in China, they were recognized for their properties. Crystals have both physiological and psychological benefits.

11. Can crystals be worn with gold, silver, or jade?
Yes, but avoid wearing gold and silver chains on the same hand as crystals, as the energy might affect the metal's color. Crystals and jade can be worn together without issue.

# Health Recommendations

Here's a list of crystals that may assist with specific health conditions:

- Anemia: Garnet, red agate, rhodochrosite, tourmaline
- Sore Throat: Aquamarine, amethyst, smoky quartz
- Arthritis: Smoky quartz, rainbow obsidian
- Asthma: Golden rutile quartz, red rutile quartz, tiger's eye, aquamarine
- Back Pain: Clear quartz, lapis lazuli, peridot
- High Blood Pressure: Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, green phantom quartz
- Low Blood Pressure: Garnet, rhodochrosite, tourmaline
- Cold: Aquamarine, red agate, golden rutile quartz, tiger's eye
- Cough: Smoky quartz, aquamarine, golden rutile quartz, lapis lazuli
- Daydreaming: Rainbow obsidian, dark smoky quartz
- Depression: Citrine, red tourmaline, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite
- Digestive Issues: Red agate, citrine, yellow tourmaline
- Exhaustion: Tourmaline, smoky quartz
- Lack of Persuasiveness: Blue tourmaline, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, amethyst
- Eye Issues: Aquamarine, amethyst, clear quartz
- Dizziness: Lapis lazuli, white mist pyramid quartz, phantom quartz
- Pain: Amethyst, clear quartz, golden rutile quartz, tourmaline
- Pregnancy: Red agate, moonstone, red quartz, garnet, rhodochrosite
- Skin Issues: Lapis lazuli, amethyst, peridot, clear quartz, tourmaline
- Toothache: Aquamarine, agate
- Vision: Aquamarine, lapis lazuli, amethyst
- Nausea: Tourmaline, rainbow obsidian
- Chest Pain: Green phantom quartz, peridot, green tourmaline, malachite
- Heart, Lung, and Nervous Systems: Rose quartz, green phantom quartz, green rutile quartz
- Pancreas, Stomach, Liver, and Gallbladder: Citrine
- Reproductive Organs: Dark yellow quartz
- Spine and Kidneys: Dark smoky quartz
- Bronchial, Vocal Organs, Digestive Tract: Green rutile quartz
- Blood Circulation and Hormone Secretion: Garnet, clear quartz
- Heart, Lung, Immune System, Thymus, Lymph Nodes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Breathing Difficulties, Insomnia, Anger, Delusions, Cancer: Green phantom quartz, red phantom quartz

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