Six Gems That Fear the Heat of Summer

As summer approaches, it's time to dress up and dazzle, and what better way than with some stunning jewelry? However, with the season comes scorching temperatures that can be harsh not just on us but on some gems too. If not properly cared for, these precious stones can quickly lose their sparkle, much to our dismay. So, which jewels are particularly sensitive to the heat? Let’s dive in!

🟢 Emerald

Starting with the emerald, the undeniable king of green gems, naturally gorgeous.

Its lush, vibrant green captivates the eye, making it a sophisticated choice for summer wear. Adored for its elegance, emeralds must be handled with care as they have a layered structure that's vulnerable to sunlight. Prolonged exposure can worsen internal flaws and even lead to cracks, dulling or outright shattering them.


Opal, with its kaleidoscope of colors, shines like an impressionist painting brought to life, earning it the nickname "the painter’s palette" of gems.

While it’s a beauty to wear during the warmer months, be wary; opals contain water and are heat sensitive. Too much sun can dehydrate them, risking cracks and losing their captivating play of color. And remember, no opals in the sauna!

🟣 Lepidolite

The subtly elegant lepidolite, with its regal purple hue, is a real heart-stealer. Reminiscent of pink roses with a touch of lavender, this gem exudes a gentle charm. However, its lovely color is prone to fading under prolonged sunlight exposure. Once faded, unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to restore its original allure.

🔵 Turquoise

Known as the "soul stone" in Tibetan culture, turquoise has been cherished for over 5,000 years. Wearing turquoise in summer can definitely set you apart, reflecting a sophisticated and stylish vibe. But be careful—turquoise hates the heat too. High temperatures can dry out its natural moisture, leading to instability. The best way to preserve turquoise in summer is to wear it close to your skin, maintaining its moisture and temperature.

🔷 Aquamarine

Aquamarine, evocative of clear sea water, is the perfect summer gem. Its refreshing hue brings to mind a cool ocean breeze, soothing and calming. But just like its cousin the emerald, aquamarine suffers in prolonged direct sunlight, which can cause cracks and fade its beautiful color.

🟦 Topaz

With its high clarity and refreshing hues, topaz is a summer favorite. Yet, despite seeming ideal for sunny days, it too fears the harsh rays. Prolonged exposure can dull its vibrant colors, making sunscreen for your topaz as essential as it is for you!

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